Andrew Bellis - bowmaker and violin repairer

Andrew Bellis is Dorset's longest established violin repairer and bow maker. Andrew is based on the border between Bournemouth and Poole. He is also a well known local viola player.

Bow rehairing prices

One of the few 'fixed prices' one can give is that for rehairing bows. Due solely to the amount of hair used, the larger the bow the greater the cost, apart from black or mixed hair in a double bass bow where the hair is considerably cheaper than the 'best white' I use for all other bows.

I'm sorry to say that I've had to increase my prices, due both to a slight increase in the cost of the hair and an crazy in the cost of postage and fuel; as of October 1st 2022 the rehair prices are:

Violin £75, viola £77, 'cello (thicker hair) £85, bass (black, chestnut, 'salt & pepper' or the new ginger mix) £87. That is assuming the bow needs no extra work; examples of that are replacement thumb bands (leather) or considerable trouble in taking the bow apart.

I don't use a lower price hair for 'student bows' because I think that's just about the worst insult to a student. I can't charge less for hairing them either, as they're often the most difficult, especially for their first rehair from new.

Just for your information, in 2012 the retail price of the white hair I use went over £1000/kg.

Some have commented that my prices are lower than elsewhere. As long as that doesn't arouse suspicion that I am using low price/low quality hair then it does not concern me. A bow rehair takes half an hour (spread over a couple of days) and the cost of the materials makes up the rest. Since I have been working on bows and making them for forty years (and using them for fifty three) I doubt there are many others out there with more experience.

Note that if you intend to send a bow to me (rigid plastic 'waste water' pipes only please, wrap/pad it so it can't move, then the pipe wrapped in brown paper for the address) in order to cost about £8 (at the time of writing) the complete package must be under 900mm long. Always send recorded, 'Special Delivery'. Insure the bow for its full value. However, I only suggest this if you find it impossible to travel with your bow - I would say that any bow that is irreplaceable is not placed out of your or my sight.




Please check prices when making an enquiry. Errors and omissions excepted.